Soviet Vehicle Data

The Red Army

The Soviet/Red/Russian Army in 1944 was the largest in the world, and grinding down the Germans on the Eastern Front. Known for its Winter Tactics, it was feared by the Nazis since before Stalingrad.

Russain units were mostly about 9 riflemen and a drum fed light machinegun. Anti-tank weapons were rare, and usually consisted of the Satchel Charge and Grenades. The NCO in such units may carry a PPSH submachine gun.

Russains also had Submachinegun units that carried only SMGs and LMGs. These units rode on the back of tanks and jumped off close the enemy. This close assault attack was much more effective than the human wave assault tactics the Russains attempted in the early war.

Vehicle Data

Jeeps were virtually non-existant in the Red Army, Trucks were rare for infantry to ride in. Radios were kept at the higher level units. Most units were given their assignment by geographical objective. Horsedrawn carts made up a goodly portion of transport. Trucks may be used in Artillery units. Soviets used their artillery in direct fire whenever possible.

Russain tanks had a rough look to them, as they were often sent out without final finishing. The thing was, they outproduced the Nazis, and cut corners where ever possible.

SU 152 Assault gun, 50 tons. Move 9". Armor 15 front, 14 side, 13 rear. 152mm in front glacis plate.

SU-76 Assault gun, 10 tons. Move 15". Armor 11 front, 10 side, 0 rear. 76mm gun in fixed forward mount,.

SU-85 Tank Destroyer, 35 tons. Move 15", Armor 13 front, 11 side, 10 rear. 85mm supervelocity gun in glacis plate.

SU-100 Tank Destroyer, 36 tons. Move 16", Armor 14 front, 11 side, 10 rear. 100mm extra heavy ATG in glacis plate

JSU-122 Tank Destroyer, 50 tons. Move 8". Armor 21 front, 16 side, 13 rear. 122 ATG in Glacis Plate,.

KV-85 Heavy Tank, 51 tons. Move 9". Armor 15 front, 15 side, 13 rear. 85mm ATG in turret, 1 mmg coax, 1mmg in glacis place.

T-34C Tank 33 tons. Move 15". Armor 13 front, 11 side/rear. 1 mmg coax, 1mmg forward. 76mm medium ATG in turret.

T-34-85 Tank 35 tons. Move 13". Armor 14 front, 12 side, 11 rear. 85mm super velocity ATG in turret, coax mmg, 1mmg forward.

JS-II Heavy Tank 50 tons. Move 8", Armor 14 front, 14 side, 12 rear. 122 heavy ATG in turret. 4 MMGs (bow, coax, rear, roof).

JS-III/T-10 Heavy Tank, 50 tons. Move 8". Armor 20 front, 16 side, 13 rear. 122 heavy ATG in turret. 2 mmg (Bow, Coax)

Horse Cart/Wagon Soft Target MV 4" same carry as truck