Japanese Imperial Army

A Japanese squad consisted of 13 men. All but the Light Machinegunner were issued 6.5mm "Arisaka" rifles. The LMG is called the "Nambu" and is 6.5mm. also.

Company level units had 7 50mm mortars, the famous "knee mortar" of the Japanese. The Japanese also had a 20mm Anti Tank Rifle but was very rare. Mostly they used the satchel charge, and carried it in suicide attacks.

Japan also used a 70mm Infantry Gun. This was used like mortars, but direct fire.

Jeeps were unknown in Japanese units. Trucks were somewhat rare. Horsecarts were used often, and artillery was towed around in the areas where the Japanese were by these carts.

Japanese preferred to infiltrate the enemy position, creeping or crawling at night into enemy positions and into rear areas. They used grenades and bayonets in this as the direction of the attack would be hard to determine. If infiltration failed they resorted to an all out charge, called a Banzai charge.

Japanese Vehicle Data

Armor was rare for the Japanese. Most were in Manchuria and there weren't that many there. If a Japanese unit has one lone tank it should consider itself very fortunate.

There are other models, but these are the ones available right now. More may be added later.

Type 94 Tankette Crew-2. MV 8. mmg in turret. Armor-9f, 8s/r

Type 97 "Te Ke" Tankette crew-2, MV 12, 37mm ATG in turret, Armor 9f, 8 s/r

Type 95 light tank "Ha Go" MV 13. 37mm ATG in turret. Bow MG. Rear Turret MG. Some had 57mm gun. Armor F 9, 8 s/r.

Type 97 Medium "Chi Ha" MV 15, 4 crew. Armor 10 F, 8 S/R. 47mm or 57mm in Turret, Bow mmg, rear turret mmg.

Horse Cart/Wagon Soft Target MV 4" same carry as truck