British Armor v1

Valentine Infantry Tank MKIII crew-3. Gun in Turret: 40mm, 57mm, or 75mm. Coax? Speed-7. Armor: front: 12, 10s, 8r. Slow moving Brit tank.

Churchill mk VII Crew-5. Turret gun: 75. early gun mounts: 40mm, 57mm. Bow mmg. Coax? armor: 18f, 15s, 9r. Speed: 6. Slow but hard to kill. Very reliable tank. Churchill Crocodile carried a flamethrower. Use flamethrower rules for that vehicle.

Bren Carrier (Universal Carrier) crew- 3 or 4. mv: 18. Armor 8 all around. mmg roof. Carry same as halftrack. This is a fully tracked armored personell carrier.