Additional Vehicles and equipment for Panzertroops in 2003

Up until around the 1960s most tank and infantry weapons had the same basic capability of their WW2 ancestors. The use of special tank rounds with SABOTS and core penetrating rounds put an end to that and led to sophisticated armor and sighting systems in the 1970s.

Here are some vehicles, optional rules, and weapons that may be used without new combat tables for the Panzertroops system.

RPG-7/B-40 v2 Firepower- 5ap Range-4" Points ? Notes: Made famous in Vietnam, the Rpg-7 was a Soviet combination of the Panzerfaust and Bazooka. 1 man crew. Not available until 1960s. (USSR)

3.5 inch Rocket launcher v1a Firepower-5ap Range 5" Points ? Called the "super-bazooka", used in Vietnam. Broke down into two pieces for portability. Replaced in the Army by the 90mm recoilless gun. Marines continued to use the 3.5 Has 2 man crew. (US)

90mm recoilless rifle Firepower-5ap Range 6" Points ? Man-carried like a bazooka, this was a hard hitting piece of equipment for the infantry. Large backblast and smoke signature was a negative point. It was also heavy. 2 man crew. (US)

Light Anti Armor Weapon (LAAW) The American Panzerfaust, though not as hard hitting. Used the same way. 4ap 3". Not available until 1960s. (US)

M-79 Grenade Launcher Range: 10", 3s, 1ap. Shotgun looking weapon that fired a 40mm grenade. Very effective. Rounds hit as grenades and have the same rules. Suggestion: buy rounds like regular grenades, and when used up the grenadier will have to resort to his pistol. An advanced version was put under the barrel of the M-16 and called the M-203. Same restrictions except that the grenadier now had a rifle instead of just a pistol. 1 crew. Not available until the 1960s. (US)

Optional Rules

Simi-Automatic rifles v1: The M-1 Garand, M-1 carbine, M-14, Stgwr 44, AK-47, M-16, et al were clip or magazine fed autoloading rifles. The rifleman could keep his sights on the target and continue to shoot at it until the magazine was exhausted. Accuracy was less, because of barrel climb and repeated recoil of the rifle. To reflect this, allow units that have rifles like the M-1 and Stgwr 44 to fire twice per turn, but minus one (-1) to their effectiveness. For instance, a normal rifle has a Soft Target strength of "1". If it fires twice per turn, the Soft target strength on both rolls is 0. Both shots must be at the same target, and a call for 2 shots must be made before the fire rolls.

Enfelds, Kar98s and all bolt action rifles are restricted to one shot per turn, and may not use this rule.

John Wayne Rule v1

If a soldier has a grenade, and has to kill a tank some way, he may climb up on that vehicle and attempt to throw the grenade down the hatch, John Wayne hollywood style. However, he is subject to defensive fire. Tank crew is attacked normally per grenade rules, but gets no cover save. Climbing up on a tank while it is moving is damn near impossible so we haven't used this rule at all yet.

Tank Dozer v1

A tank can be equipped with a bulldozer blade to push things out of the way. In this fashion, a tank may remove wrecked vehicles, including other tanks, out of the way. It way also demolish a house, but judgement must be used in this mode. Houses come in all sizes. Trees, walls, barricades in the road, and most linear obstacles may be removed. It cost the tank its entire movement allowance to remove one obstacle or knock down one wall. It may not fire or advance that turn while removing the obstacle. Tank Dozers may also be used like Hedgerow plows. See rule below.

Dozer blades add 1 to the front armor. May only be used by US and UK only, for it was never seen on German or Russian tanks.

Hedgerow Plow v1

A tank may be equipped with a Hedgerow plow, made from Normandy beach obstacles (Rommel's Asparagus). These were attached to the front of American and UK tanks to made busting through the hedgerows easier.

Hedgerow plows allow the tank no movement point penalty, and open a path through the hedgerow that all vehicles may follow as if it was open terrain.

Running things over v1

Tanks may crush unarmored vehicles and anti tank guns/artillery by physically running over them. The crews of such targets always escape, but my be subject to offensive fire. If this rule is abused too much remember that trucks and large vehicles can explode with their gasoline, and large guns can make a tank throw a track, immobilizing it.

Fording rivers (infantry only) v1

If both sides agree, a river obstacle on the playing area is fordable by infantry. All infantry may attempt to ford the river using these rules orginally presented in Avalon Hills classic Panzerleader game. Infantry may attempt to wade on a roll of 1, 2, or 3 on d6. If they do not make that roll, they may not enter the water obstacle that movement phase. This is for each figure attempting to wade.

While wading, the infanty moves 1.5" as if on rough terrain, but has the defense factor of 6 as if they were running. No cover bonus allowed.

Airborne units parachuting in water use the airborne survival rule, not this wading rule, on the turn they land. Thereafter they are treated like normal infantry, and may wade.

New Vehicles

T-55 medium tank: MV 15, 100mm ATG in turret. Coax mmg, Roof Hmg (.50) Armor 14 front, 10 side/rear. Most numerous tank in the world in the late 20th century. Thin armor but a very hard hitting gun. Easy to maintain and robust. 4 man crew. 1950s on. (USSR)

M-48 A2 48 ton Medium tank. MV 15, Crew 4, armor Front 17, S-13, R-11. 90mm ATG in turret. Coax mmg, Hmg in cupola on turret roof, may be fired while all hatches closed. Late '50s early 60s tank. Heavily used in Vietnam where it proved to be very robust and reliable. (US)

M-26 Pershing 42-ton heavy tank: MV 12, crew 5. 90mm ATG in turret, mmg coax, mmg front, hmg (50) roof. Armor: 15 front, 13 side/rear. America's late answer to the Tiger and Panther. This tank was used in WW2 with good results against German armor. The after war M-46 is similar, but has better engine (MV: 14"). From this tank developed the m-46, m-47, m-48, and the m-60 series. (US)

M-113 APC MV-20" crew-2. roof HMG. Armor: 10 front, 8 s/r. Carry and use like halftrack. Also has self-propelled mortar versions. Amphibious. May cross rivers after one turn of being prepared by crew. Crew must dismount and may be shot at if not done off board or declared before game starts. ACAV version had gunshields for the .50 HMG and 2 LMG mounts on the sides, also with gun shields. Crew of 4 gets hard cover save when firing these guns. 1960s on. (US)